Thursday, 1 June 2017

Shruti Hassan Does not have problem in having baby without marriage

The Indian Film Actress Shruti Haasan has recently given a controversial statement that she will give birth to child before marriage and there is nothing wrong in doing so. If you don't know then let me tell you that is against the Indian Cultural rules. According to them you cannot get pregnant before marriage.
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By any condition if such circumstances happend then the Whole Indian society start criticizing  not only the one who has commited the Sin but it becomes a curse for the whole family. They cannot live in the society as normal.

But there is also a darker side of the Indian society. It is believed that in India all the rules and regulations are meant for the Poor and Middle class family and the upper class are free from any thing like that.

The recent statement given by her will reallly impact bad on her career looking from the Indians perspective.

Do you know the Shruti Haasan mother Sarika Haasan also gets pregnant with Kamal Hassan before Marriage and after that the get Married.

Friday, 20 January 2017

How to Fill Out a Postal Money Order

How to Fill Out a Postal Money Order
How to Fill Out a Postal Money Order
Sending money orders is the safest way for payment, both for the purchaser and the recipient of the money. It’s especially great for those without a bank account, although we see fewer and fewer of these now days. There is one problem though; filling out one of these forms can prove to be quite tricky. However, if you make sure to follow this how-to guide just as it’s written, you won’t have any problems at all.

Step 1:
The first thing to do when sending a money order is to fill in the basics. Buy the money order from a post office, they are usually pretty affordable. They can also be found at banks and Western Union locations. You buy the form for the amount of money you desire. The United States Postal Service for example, lets you buy money order for amounts up to $1000. It’s important that you make sure that the amount you pay is the amount printed onto the money order form.

The first thing to fill out is the “pay to” part. This is where you must write what company or what person this money order is going to. Make sure to use black or blue ink, and to write the name correctly.

Afterwards you fill in your own name inside the “from” field. It might also say “Remitter,” “sender,” or “Purchaser,” depending on where you buy your money order.

When your done with that, you might have to sign the money order. On some forms, there’s a field labelled “Purchaser’s signature,” or something resembling that.

One important thing to remember, is that you’re not supposed to sign the endorsement signature part. The Endorsement signature line is there for the company or person who will be cashing out the money to sign.

Step 2:
When you’re done with everything listed above, you have to complete the money order. First things first, you fill in the address field. Where it says “Purchaser’s address,” you write your address. Some money orders might only have a section for the purchaser’s address. Please do make sure that you are using your current mailing address.

If there’s another address field, you fill in the address of the person or company receiving the money order.

Filling in the memo line is very simple. If you’re paying a bill, fill in the bill due date and your account number. If it’s a gift, write something along the lines of “Birthday gift.” All you do is fill in information the person receiving the money order might need to know.

Then you’re done. Please do make sure that you keep your receipt. The money order might get lost, and the receipt might help you with troubleshooting. The tracking number is written on the receipt, so you can make sure it is received, and get a refund if it has gotten lost.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How to Make Your Girl Squirt

How to Make Your Girl Squirt
How to Make Your Girl Squirt
Do you want to know how to make your girl squirt? Do you want to give your partner wild screaming orgasms? As you know making a girl achieve spurting orgasms or ejaculate during intercourse should be your number one priority - that is if you want her to be addicted to you sexually.

You should not have the impression that female ejaculation or making your partner ejaculate is a difficult task. If you really want to achieve success with making your partner have the better sex of her life, you should learn a couple of tricks and tips from this article and follow some proven ways.

In this article, we are going to look at how to make a girl squirt and how you can achieve that from stimulating the g-spot.

Sex is fun, and every woman loves the pleasures they get from it. Knowing how to make a girl spurt can give you an upper hand in easily giving her the best pleasure of her life.

It is known that the squirt orgasm that a woman experiences is like 100 times that of a man's orgasm and even more so.

To give your partner that kind of spurting experience requires some careful attention and a focus on what you are doing.

If you want to make a girl spurt, you need to have an idea of what you are working with. Very few men know how to do this correctly.

If you want your partner to spurt, the g-spot is the main key to achieving that, and you have to find it, stimulate it, and she will achieve multiple spurting orgasms. Master her g-spot to give her more intense orgasms.

You are advised to use a water based lubricant in stimulating her G-Spot.

-Make sure you have extra bed sheets around since things are going to get messy.-Also remember to trim your fingernails.-Make her aroused and relaxed.-Make her comfortable because if she is not, you will have a hard time making her spurt.-And finally take your time to stimulate her.-How to Make a Girl Spurt from G-Spot Stimulation.

The g-spot can be found a couple of inches (about 1-2 inches) at the upper part of the vagina. It feels like a rough, spongy patch. It swells up when she's a lot more aroused.

Experts advise you never use two fingers right away, start with one finger and make sure she is relaxed. To get the best result, get her focused entirely on the pleasure you are creating. Build her arousal level and make her wet.

When she is aroused, slide your finger (index finger) inside her vagina and when inside, stroke the g-spot firmly with your finger in a backward and forward motion (like saying 'come here'). With your finger challenging the vagina's front wall, stroke, massage, and tap the g-spot.

Take your time to stimulate and stroke the g-spot until she feels the urge to pee and she will start to achieve an orgasm, followed by the spurting. She will be writhing with intense pleasure and making a giant mess, so make sure you are also prepared.

So this is how to make a girl spurt. Though this technique is the basic, it still does the trick. There are more advanced tricks and techniques on how to make a girl spurt and achieve intense body shivering orgasms.